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Gods Eater Burst is a fast-paced survival action game that allows players to defeat and devour legions of hostile gods, called Aragami. Players will command the God Arc, a powerful weapon able to transform instantly in combat from sword, gun, and predator form which allows them to absorb the powers of the terrifying Aragami. Players can customize and create their own truly unique character, weapons, items and bullets. Experience an unparalleled narrative in single player or with up to four friends in coop gameplay to help humanity survive in this desolate world.


Engage in fast-paced battles against gigantic beasts by yourself or with other members of Fenrir, an elite task force charged with doing everything possible to save humanity

Team with up to four people via PSP Ad-hoc to take down legions of hostile Aragami

Master the awesome God Arc, a fearsome weapon capable of shifting into a sword for melee combat, a gun for long-ranged battle, and “predator form” to acquire the skills of your opponents/enemies

Absorb the powers of the Aragami with your weapon’s “predator form”and gain a special bullets to launch a super powerful attack

Freely customize weapons, guns, bullets, and shields to increase your chance at survival

Over 225 exciting missions and 47 enemy types ranging from fearsome ogres to beautiful and demonic nymphs.

Over 90 cut scenes illustrate the dramatic story of human survival in this desolate post apocalyptic world

Freely customize your characters' outfits to create your very own hero


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