Comic Mischief


Carly and Sam need your help when they get into trouble at a hot dog stand and get assigned to community service. Their task? Serving up wacky dishes to crazy customers and citizens of Seattle! Play as the duo in this fast-paced, action puzzle game that dishes out all the random hilarity of the show!



  • Prepare endless dishes and serve them to quirky customers before they get to Carly and Sam!
  • Interact with the entire iCarly cast and earn special upgrades like Random Dancing or have Gibby charge shirtless into lines of customers!
  • “Battle” over 20 types of crazy hungry customers including costumed web mascots, troublesome goop throwing students, and intimidating prisoners from King County Prison!
  • Serve 25 wacky foods including spaghetti tacos, corn juice,and fladoodles!
  • Match wits with characters like arch nemesis Nevel Papperman, mean teacher Ms. Francine Briggs, Lewbert the nasty doorman and T-Bo!
  • Enjoy frantic fun in five locations from the iCarly show including the popular Groovy Smoothie, Webicon, Ridgeway High School, King County Prison and Crown Ridge Mall!
  • Master your serving skills and earn up to 50 game achievements to unlock bonus content like special abilities, additional dishes, and other upgrades from Gibby’s shop! 



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