Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Mature Humor
Strong Language

Fred Neuman is just your average Private Investigator… average that is until he runs afoul of the local mob boss and finds himself, quite disturbingly, without his head – left in its place only a brain, two eyes and a jar to preserve them.

Packed with an original story of revenge, sinister enemies, dark humor and unique gameplay; Dead Head Fred brings a fresh take to action games.

An all-new, original action epic

Unique ‘head-swapping’ gameplay allows players to remove, collect and utilize 9 heads, each with upgradeable abilities; that let gamers smash, fly, gas and burn their way through more than 13 expansive, action-packed levels

Open-ended gameplay and nonlinear level structure allow players to progress through the game as they see fit

Test your skill in a variety of minigames including Consensual Sax, Head 2 Head Pinball, Gran Ratismo and more


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